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SoapBox Poetry Radio! Alex Alexander!!!

    Tonight we had Alex Alexander! learn her story and give us a thumbs up!

Soap Box Poetry Radio! : Black Chakra

    Black chakra graced us with story after story! check it out along with voting up the episode.

Alanah Nicole – Soap Box Poetry Radio

  We come back string with Alanah Nicole as our first guest for Season 2 of Soap Box!! check out her story here!

SoapBoxPoetryRadio-Hannah Sawyerr

  Hannah Sawyerr Came on tonight! and whats up with venus in retrograde????

SoapBoxPoetry: Radio – Azariah Cole-Shepherd

    Azariah comes on the show with all her black womaness!

Why black Women cant take days off – Meccamorphosis

                     Why black women cant take the days off   Tabatha Sent her privilege   To Work today She Called out and they Called it protest Called her SheRo And She

Poem For Phillis Wheatly by Mecca

              Phillis wheatly, Named for the boat that carried her As she carried the heat of Senegal on her tongue 7 year old with 7 year itch to annul from her ignorance   Her

Soap Box Poetry Radio – Black History special

    Our black history Special!!! We talk Oscars, Remy and Nicki beef! We also tell our stories and our own history. Meccamorphosis share Phillis Wheatly poem.

Soap Box Poetry – Olu Butterfly

    Tonight we talked to one of Baltimore’s poetry pillars Olu Butterfly! We also touched on Dear White People’s TV show reboot and Waht Black people Stereotype we are most in touch with.

Hip Hop Battle! Soap Box Poetry Radio!!

    We talk about the Grammy’s and go head to head with hip hop questions, see who wins!