SoapBoxPoetryRadio-Hannah Sawyerr

  Hannah Sawyerr Came on tonight! and whats up with venus in retrograde???? More »

SoapBoxPoetry: Radio – Azariah Cole-Shepherd

    Azariah comes on the show with all her black womaness! More »

New Sauce Alert! : “Pray On My Knees” – Peso Da Mafia

   The trending sound of Baltimore goes to Peso Da Mafia! They Are Putting On For The City! The Time IS NOW! CHECK THEM OUT! More »

Why black Women cant take days off – Meccamorphosis

                     Why black women cant take the days off   Tabatha Sent her privilege   To Work today She Called out and they More »

Poem For Phillis Wheatly by Mecca

              Phillis wheatly, Named for the boat that carried her As she carried the heat of Senegal on her tongue 7 year old with 7 year More »


Hip Hop Battle! Soap Box Poetry Radio!!

    We talk about the Grammy’s and go head to head with hip hop questions, see who wins!

SoapBOX Poetry Radio – Slangston Hughs

    -We interview local artist and poetry legend Slangston hughs, we talk about what it means to be a legend the good and bad. dont go forget to vote up  

Soap Box Poetry Radio – Blue Bird

  We talk to Blue Bird, LGBTQ+ Activist, Brave new voices champion and aspiring director!

SoapBOX Poetry Radio – Mohamed Tall

  Mohamed Tall comes through for MLK day and talks on building community, artistic immortality, artist activism and responsibility and much more!!!!

SoapBOX Poetry Radio – Julia “Phoenix” Jay

  Julia “Phoenix”  Jay graces us by telling young women to embrace their sexuality when the time calls for it while explaining her growth. #Speakoutsidethebox

SoapBOX Poetry Radio – Kondwani Fidel

    We talk about our New year resolutions what Americas New Year resolutions should aspire to be while discussing what “deep” means. We also Interview Baltimore’s Poet of the year.

SoapBOX poetry radio – Tariq Toure

 WE INTERVIEWED TARIQ TOURE TODAY, father, husband, mentor, thinker, author of Black Seeds and much more. We talk about what the future holds for artists, people and society. Please dont forget to vote for this episode if you loved it

New Sauce Alert : Dr Dunny -“Cakey”

 Dr. Dunny drops one that will be making noise in Baltimore and beyond: “Cakey” Tell Us What You Think. Do The Song Got Legs? COMMENT , SHARE , AND LIKE

The Sauce Radio: s1 ep8 Baby Back BBQ

 This Week Ep. On “The Sauce” We Dipped Into Strong Topics!! Special Guest: Dr Dunny Tune In Each & Every Week With Queen Boo and DatKidStatZ

The Sauce Radio: s1 ep6 Cranberry Sauce

 This Week Ep. On “The Sauce” We Dipped Into Strong Topics!! Special Guest: Y.King Tune In Each & Every Week With Queen Boo and DatKidStatZ