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Soap Box Poetry Radio! : Black Chakra

    Black chakra graced us with story after story! check it out along with voting up the episode.

SoapBOX Poetry Radio – Kondwani Fidel

    We talk about our New year resolutions what Americas New Year resolutions should aspire to be while discussing what “deep” means. We also Interview Baltimore’s Poet of the year.

SoapBOX poetry radio – Crystal Valentine

  OMG CRYSAL VALENTINE WAS ON MY SHOW (calms self down) yeah she was cool or whatever. On tonight discuss how to get more community support for youth artist with a special guest Rebekkah cherry hill who helped us interview

Soap BOX Poetry Radio- Kirwyn Sutherland

  Tonights episode was insanely dope thank to Kirwyn Sutherland (Sir Sutherland the holy knight of poetry lol jk) We talk on the election and the Responsibilities of an artist during times of national stress. We also touch the importance

Get over that writer’s block!

     Since its that time of year we thought we’d bring the scariest thing poets/writers have to go through and thats ye’ old Writers Block. Its like arthritis for the brain cells. Like your stuck inside your Brain’s cell.

SoapBOX Poetry Radio: Porsha O.

 Porsha O called in from NPS (national poetry slam) gave us the insider details and an exclusive poem!!!