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Why black women cant take the days off


Tabatha Sent her privilege  

To Work today

She Called out and they

Called it protest

Called her SheRo

And She wrote on her timeline

That this sacrifice

was for all women…


I asked to call out

And they called me lazy

Said “i know youve been here


For a few years but are you sure

You wanna risk…being let go?”


I know moms whose only

sick days are When

Shes rubbing vix

on her childs chest,

When she gets home


I know women battling to

Take a vacation for mental

Health but no that better wealth

Is always first


I know women, trying

to be seen as just women

At their job.


That today isnt

Bring your burdens work day

You better work hard, harder than

Tabatha and she not even there.


Why open the chance to get fired

When we constantly under fire

always being the brightest flame

for the some of the dimmest people



theres Been too

many absences of black women


Like in our courts, the oval

And every other seat at the table


I know too many WOC

who took days off


Fired behind gunshot


Do you really need to know

Why black women can never

Take a day off


Because Racial Structures

Never blink an eye to the windows

in our failures


We cant just be one step a ahead

We have to run, and work

like yesterday

Like 10 years ago

60 years

200 years


And we dont work hard

to be even

Or no longer seen as



But the pressure

From all this

Potential energy

Will always force us

To be on top.


Like Black, we absorb every light in our sight

And shine

And like Woman we absorb so much pain and disdain

We adapt to become unbreakable


Still knowing how to love

And when you take advantage

Ill hold you

like a grudge


And unlike Tabatha…

sacrifice is having to

be an unstoppable force

all my life




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